29. 1. 2024

The unique project Technotrasa (Technotrail) has been connecting exceptional technical attractions in the Moravian-Silesian Region since 2012. More than 35 subjects are currently a part of this project. It offers tips for trips, and tourists can also participate in the Technotrasa Card programme, where they can exchange points earned on trips for valuable gifts.

Why embark on Technotrail?
Technotrail connects places where unforgettable experiences pointing out the technical
maturity and craftsmanship of northern Moravia and Silesia await you.
It will show you the unique genius loci of technical monuments and places that are still alive with industry.
It will introduce you to the stories of people whose industrious hands have been
transforming raw materials into energy and noble beauty for centuries.
It engages all your senses. You’ll hear the rattle, the clang, the thump, the rumble… You’ll smell the fragrance and the stench; you’ll feel the heat and the cold. You will touch raw materials and tools. You’ll taste the sweet, the bitter and something that’s got a little kick to it. You’ll see the marvellous and the breath-taking.
You’ll learn the craft – you’ll put your hand to the work.

More about the project at: www.technotrasa.cz