Ostrava season is here!

Ostrava season is here!

Ostrava artist Petr Hrubeš exhibits in FUTUREUM. The event will take place from 6.9.2023 (including the exhibition opening at 17:00) until the end of the year.  "If it wasn't photos, but music, I would probably write that I make alternative pop mixed with death...

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Connecting art and industry

Connecting art and industry

We invite you to the exhibition - Ceramic Symposium 2023 Ostrava.The event will take place from 7.9. to 15.10.2023. The vernissage of the exhibition will take place on 10.9.2023 at 16:00 and will include a book launch of the book "Iron Cathedrals". Five sculptors from...

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I do not know of any specific organisation or programme called “FUTUREUM”. It can be a business, research or educational organisation that focuses on a specific area such as technology, innovation or sustainability. Without more details, it is difficult to provide an accurate description of what FUTUREUM is or does…


We are a green, open, innovative and dynamic platform. We have turned what was a flooded and decayed ruin of a former coal tippler and grinding mill complex – protected as a nationally listed site since 2002 – into a creative centre open to everyone.
We have created a lab – a test bed which is itself a large and open experiment.
The initial idea of the partners to save some fragments found in the DOV industrial zone became a matter of the heart.
Acquiring the properties, raising funds to revitalise the works, arranging for a historic building recording survey to designing the new functions, all this has been carried by the desire for maximum sustainability and reasonable use of space. We care about sustainable, green solutions that work well and look great.
Today, this revitalised sight recalls its former historical function, but even more: it has been converted into a meeting place for creative people, discussions and presentations and a laboratory for growing innovation, experimentation and creativity.


AI (OpenAI) was right in that we focus on technology, innovation and sustainability. However, we believe that knowledge of history is an advantage for a successful future. We show a piece of the story of how energy was generated in the past, introducing the pathway of coal.  The tippler and the grinding mill are part of the Hlubina Mine, Blast Furnaces and Coking Plant of Vítkovice Ironworks – a nationally listed site. For the last period of their existence – nearly 70 years – they have formed a link in a closely interconnected technological system. If you come and visit the Path of Coal exhibit, you can reflect on the industrial past.


We offer premises of the former tippler and grinding plant, now redesigned and accessible, for your events and projects, be it artwork displays or presentations, that relate to issues of the world we live in.


We develop and produce exhibitions, presentations and interventions, encouraging everyone to reflect on the world we live in and related conversations. We feature topics that cover the future of the natural world, technology and, in particular, humanity. If you visit FUTUREUM, you can receive a good batch of creativity, inspiration and relaxation.


We invite everyone to seek new sustainable solutions. The unique co-working space we offer can be your place to work, as well as something that fills you up with history, inspiration, beauty and ideas for the future.