Čestmír Suška: Things Outside. Sustainable art fot the future
31. 12. 2022
The coal tippler FUTUREUM in Dolní Vítkovice was transformed into a magnificent gallery. Three floors were filled by sculptor Čestmír Suška.
The work of Čestmír Suška, a Prague native and former member of the now legendary artistic group Tvrdohlaví (The Stubborn), has been encountered by Ostrava people for many years in the course of everyday life.
The exhibition was given a poetic-environmental title: Věci venku (Things Outside). Udržitelné umění pro budoucnost. (Sustainable art for the future.) Things Outside brings us into the atmosphere of the era in which Čestmír Suška grew up and gained his mind. To the end of the fifties and the sixties, to the era of so-called everyday poetry. The subtitle, Sustainable Art for the Future, is a reference to the hot present, or rather the future. Sustainable art should be recyclable, which Suška’s works comply with.
The exhibition was open every Thursday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until 31 December 2022.