FUTUREUM and SOBIC as a part of the New European Bauhaus initiative
10. 11. 2023

We participated in the New European Bauhaus Prizes 2023 competition this year. Our partnership organisation SOBIC, as a result of reaching the finals, expressed interest in becoming a partner of the New European Bauhaus initiative and the European Commission accepted its application. Congratulations!
SOBIC is responsible for designing the content of a unique institution titled FUTUREUM situated in an excellent industrial area, a former industrial facility reconverted into the centre of education, culture and sport activities – one of the most visited place in the Czech Republic. Our competences is the sustainable conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, the concept design of sustainable museums and monuments. In general, the revitalization of cultural heritage based on the Green Heritage philosophy. SOBIC, in cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian Creative Academy, also represents local artists, helping them to create their success stories and connecting them with audiences and other artistic communities. 
The New European Bauhaus initiative connects Europeans on a journey towards sustainable and inclusive housing that is visually pleasing to the eye, mind and soul, and seeks to bring science and technology together with culture and art. It aims to bring together citizens, experts, companies and institutions to create more affordable and accessible places to live and to improve the overall quality of European housing. 
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For more information about NEB and SOBIC, click here:  NEB WEB; SOBIC WEB