Visionaries 2023
19. 12. 2023

More than a hundred nominated innovative Czech companies and organizations competed in the thirteenth year of the competition called Visionaries. In this competition the authors of innovative products, procedures or services are awarded.

This year, our partner company BeePartner a.s., in collaboration with RESTORE fx s.r.o., received the Honorary Recognition from the expert jury of the Visionaries 2023 project for their technological, economic, and social contribution to the field of cultural heritage revitalization. Thanks to the cooperation of these two companies, it was possible to introduce the concept of sustainable revitalization of cultural monuments GreenHeritage, which is an integral part of the FUTUREUM concept. Congratulations!

GreenHeritage includes:

  • Creative design of monument revitalization
  • New, sustainable functions for cultural monuments
  • Designing and preparing exhibitions, displays, and other forms of communication
  • Operational reduction of operational complexity of monuments
  • Comprehensive analysis of the condition and design of strategic measures leading to increased sustainability of the monument (GreenHeritage standard)
  • Design and management of cultural heritage protection

More information about the Visionaries project can be found here: